Enjoy The Silence Mac App v1.3






This application was developed in order not to have a massive turning heads in your direction when you start your Mac and the "bong" is heard.


There are several solutions to eradicate this noisy information message at startup.


The easiest way is to mute before shutting down, but will you always have this reflex? In my case, it is clear that no!


Other methods exist but require modification of files related to the system via the command line, their removal is therefore less convenient in case of problems found on the Mac.


Let's have a look on the possibilities offered by this tool.



The application has been voluntarily removed from the dock to avoid the clutter and appears as an icon on the right side of the menu bar.



The menus are used primarily to display help, you are currently reading, to configure and to exit from the application.





In order to mute the sound when you stop and restore it when starting your session, the EnjoyTheSilence application must always be added to the applications list that start with your session.

If multiple users use the same Mac, the person that is installing the application for the first time will automatically see the window to automatically add the application to his session startup applications. The other users who like to use the application, must manually start it and validate the prompt to launch automatically at next session startups.







Ignore : Does not add the application at startup, allows to test the application and run it, but it will not work correctly because if it goes mute when stopping, it does not restore the next time.


Add : Adds the application to the list of applications started with the user's current session, allowing the normal operation of the application.




This window allows you to set preferences for each user.


At first launch, the window will open and ask you, at minimum, to apply default settings, a message written in red at the bottom of the window is there to remind you.



  Uses in future, this message will not appear, it will be replaced by the date of last modification, and the red close button of the window, will be usable.




The red button in the top left allows you to close the window without changes to take effect.


The check box "Set the startup chime sound volume" active operation of the application, if this box is not checked the application will not realize any action, the operation will be the default operating of the system.


The slider "Sound Volume at shutdown (Chime)" allows you to manually adjust the sound volume to be defined by the application when the system shuts down, this volume will be used the next time you start and therefore the one used by Chime, when starting with your session, the application will automatically restore the volume set in EnjoyTheSilence  preferences. It is important to notice that a volume sets to zero percent, let hear the Chime very weakly, just to allow the user to listen to the system boot beep codes of your Mac.


The check box "Use the current sound volume at next startup" if checked indicates that the volume during the shutdown will be used at the next startup.


The cursor "Sound Volume at startup" allows you to manually adjust the volume at the next startup, if the previous check box is not selected.


The "Apply" button allows you to apply the setting changes and save them.


The "Delete All" button will, after your confirmation, deleting the EnjoyTheSilence.app and all its configuration files from your computer, of course, you will be able to install it again from Mac App Store.



The date and time displayed match your last change of settings.



This is the settings that have to configured to get a whispered chime and a soung level at startup exactly as it was before shutdown :




This application is fully functional with Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and the new Mavericks 10.9 Mac OSX.

If you think this application could be interesting, just clic the link to download the installation package, just follow the instructions to install in the Applications folder root.

Because of the Mountain Lion sandboxing security system, the application that respect this  rule, as EnjoyTheSilence does, must be installed only at the Applications folder root to run correctly.

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